A little about me...  I have always had a special place in my heart for photography, for as long as I can remember, so I am very excited to bring that passion to my clients.  I am in my element while peering through the viewfinder of my Canon R6. Finding unique lines, textures, subjects and scenery though the lens really gets my creative juices flowing.


Collaborating with my clients brings a sense of joy that it is hard to put into words...  I aim to create a laidback experience allowing you to relax, be yourself, and capture a moment in time reflecting the story of you.  Each session is truly unique, lending to the magic caught on 'film'. 


I am absolutely in awe of mother nature and all the beauty around us. I will happily meet you in your favorite spot, or can suggest a few of mine.  Or we can take it indoors to capture a laidback lifestyle session.   

If you are throwing a party and want to capture all the fun with pictures, but want to be IN the pictures and having the fun, not stuck behind the lens - that is right up my alley!  I am also open to all sorts of miscellaneous photography projects ...if it brings you joy, I want to take a picture of it for you! 


Thank you so much for visiting my website and considering Jennifer Zetzman Photography for your needs.  Excited to offer my passion for *all things photography* to you! 

   ~ Jen ~

Jennifer Zetzman Photography

Seeing life as the magical masterpiece that it is.♡


I offer Landscape and Portraiture photography based in Lodi, WI.